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2017 Six Riders' Challenge in China
2017 Xinjiang-Tibet-Yunnan of China for 28 days

2017 Motorcycling tour through China
2017 Ride through China from Shenzhen to Kashgar

2017 Mortorcycling Tour
17 members drove 15 motorbikes and 1 Support car across China from Kashgar to Weihai. More than 40 days

2017 Motorcycling tour from Erenhot-EBC-Mohan
2017 3 couples ride across China, from the northest of China to the roof of the earth - EBC, then final reached at the south of China

Singapore to Ireland From Asia to Europe by Motorcycle
25 day trip across China from Mohan to Erenhot for the Charity trip to Mongolia

Motorcycling Trip Across China
2014 London - China - Laos

Motorradreise mit BMW durch China
Motorradreise von Europa durch China nach Suedostasien

Riding Trip from Latvia to China
2014 Erenhot - The Silk Road - Shenzhen

Three billionaires ride in China
Seeking excitement in the bigest desert in China - Takla Makan Desert and the roof of the world - Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Selbstfahrtreise mit Auto und Motorraeder durch China
Selbstfahtreise von Korgas ohne Tibet nach Mohan(7Fahrzeuge13Personen)


Royal Enfield motorcycle riding adventure
(2013 Netherlands - Kyrghyzstan - China - Nepal via Xinjiang-Tibet HWY)

2013 Rallye Moto sur la Route de la Soie
(2013 Paris-Beijing en moto BMW)

Malaysia BMW motorcycle riding trip_2013
(2013 Laos - China - Mongolia)

Voyage à moto
( 2011 France-Chine )

Trans Asia Motorcycle Adventures
( 2011 UK to China )

Discover china, discover our earth
( 2011 Worldwide Tour )

Morgan's BMW motorcycle riding tour
( 2011 Hong Kong-China-Vietnam )

BMW Motorcycling
( 2010 Motorbike driving )

Xinjiang Takla Makan Desert Riding
( 2009 motorcycling, Switzerland – China )

BMW Motorcycling London-Beijing
( 2009 Motorbike driving )

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