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Code Id NAVO-RT-803 (Erenhot-Chengdu-Mohan 18 days)
Title Cross China from Erenhot-Chengdu-Mohan 18days (Mongolia-China-Laos)
P.S. Motorcycling from north to south China
Duration 18 days, 17 nights in China
Areas Inner Mongolia-Beijing-Shanxi-Shaanxi-Sichuan-Yunnan
Itinerary Erenhot-Beijing- Taiyuan-Xi’an-Chengdu-Huize-Yu’xi-Pu’er- Jinghong-Mohan

Season Whole Year
Highlights Beijing The forbidden city, the Heaven Temple, the Great Wall; Xi’an, Terra-Cottas Warriors; Chengdu Panda Base; Jinghong, Tropical Botanic Garden, ethnic minorities villages at Jinuo Mountain etc.
Itinerary day by day
01 Mongolia---Erenhot [Enter Inner Mongolia Prov.]  
Entering China and to through all procedures.
02 Erenhot  
Accomplish the rest procedures, then ride to Jinghong.
03 Erenhot-Ulanqab-Badaling Great Wall [Enter Beijing city] 630km
Ride to Great Wall via Ulanqab.
04 Great Wall-Beijing 75km
Visit Great Wall, after that ride to Beijing city.
05 Beijing  
Free visiting in Beijing city.
06 Beijing-Taiyuan [Enter Shanxi prov.] 500km
Ride from Beijing to Taiyuan. Along express way.
07 Taiyuan-Hancheng 430km
Ride along normal road for around 9-10 hours. A long riding day.
08 Hancheng-Terra Cottas Warriors- Xi'an [Enter Shaanxi prov.] 240km
Ride to Xi'an city, visit Terra Cottas Warriors when via before arrive to Xi'an city.
09 Xi’an  
Free visiting in Xi’an. The historic city.
10 Xi'an-Guangyuan. [Enter Sichuan prov.] 535km
Ride to Guangyuan and enjoy on the road, across Qinling Mt. and enter Sichuan province. Long riding day along normal road, around 12 hours.
11 Guangyuan-Chengdu 340km
Ride to Chengdu for around 8 hours.
12 Chengdu  
Free visiting in Chengdu city.
13 Chengdu-Yibin 340km
Ride to Yibin along normal road.
14 Yibin-Huize [Enter Yunnan prov.] 430km
Ride to Huize along normal road. a long riding day.
15 Huize-Yu‘xi 320km
Ride to Ulanqab for staying overnight.
16 Yu‘xi-Pu‘er 420km
A long riding day to Pu'er for staying overnight.
17 Pu’er-Jinghong-Mohan 300km
  Ride to Mohan town. And have rest then get ready for next exit.
18 Mohan-Exit  
  Get up earlier, to do the exit process at custom and then help you exit China to Laos.

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