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Code Id NAVO-Eclipse-001
Title 2009 China Eclipse Tour
(Overland from Kunming to Chengdu)
P.S. Overland Yunnan Sichuan
Observation Site : Sangdui Nearby
Duration 15 days, 14 days and 13nights in China(2009/07/14—2009/07/28)
Eclipse Date: 2009/07/22
Areas Sichuan; Yunnan, Kham,
Itinerary Kunming/Dali/Lijiang/Shangrila/
Baoxing/Ya’an/Shangli ancient Town/
Pingle ancient town/Chengdu/
Season From April to October
Highlights Qingyang Taoist Temple, Chengdu Panda Research Base, Shangli ancient town, Pingle ancient town,Jiaju Stockaded Village of Zang Minority, Suopo Fortress ,Huiyuan Temple, Tagong Monastery and the Plain,Ker Monastery ,Sangpo Temple,Songzanlin Temple,Tiger Jump Gorge, Lijiang Ancient Town, The Mu Maison,Black Dragon Pool, Yufeng Temple, Baizhu Village;Basha Freco ,Naxi Music, Three Pagodas of Dali, The Ancient Town of Dali, Zhonghe Temple, Stone Forest
Observation Site Introduction We choose Sangdui and nearby as our observation site, because Sangdui(29.1809 N, 100.1184E) located on the red line zone—the center of the Eclipse path, and on plateau where is clear air, blue sky and abundant sunlight (more than 3000 hours sunshine time for a year averagely). This may offer you the maximal probability to see the solar eclipsing clear. Moreover NAVO intend to combine the solar eclipse observation with the aboriginal west China which are untraveveled by people from outside. These areas are well kept for its culture, folk, custom, scenery etc. Enjoy it.
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Itinerary day by day
01(14/07/2009) Setting Off  
02(15/07/2009) **/ Kunming Hotel
Fly to Kunming; Arrange the visit according to arrival time.
03(16/07/2009) Kunming Hotel
Visit shilin (Stone Forest)
04(17/07/2009) Kunming/ Dali Hotel
Visit The Potala, Jokhong Temple, Barkhor Street.
05(18/07/2009) Dali/ Lijiang Hotel
Go to Lijiang by bus and visit Lijiang Ancient Town, The Mu Maison; Black Dragon Pool.
06(19/07/2009) Lijiang Hotel
Visit Yufeng Monastery. Have lunch at The Stockaded Village of Bai Minority. And visit the Baisha Mural in the afternoon. Go back to Lijiang by bus. And you may have a chance to enjoy Naxi Music and Dongba Culture in the evening.
07(20/07/2009) Lijiang/ Shangrila Hotel
From Lijiang-Shangrila. Visit Tiger Jump Gorge. Enjoy the scenery of the tableland. Walk around the old district of Shangrila.
08(21/07/2009) Shangrila / Xiangcheng Hotel
Visit the Songzanlin Temple in Shangrila.
09(22/07/2009) Xiangcheng/ Litang(Eclipse Observation Day) Hotel
Visit the Sangdui Temple and across the Mt. Haizi. Visit Litang Monastery ( Ker Monastery) in Litang
Early get up today, and according to the exact observation time, we will arrange the Eclipse observation at Sangdui and its nearby.
10(23/07/2009) Litang/ Tagong Hotel
Head for Tagong by bus and visit the Tagong Monastery and the grassland.
11(24/07/2009) Tagong/ Danba Hotel
Visit the Huiyuan Monastery; the Jiaju Stockaded Village of Zang Minority, and the Suopo Fortress.
12(25/07/2009) Danba/ Baoxing/Ya’an/Shangli Hotel
Passing the Jiajin Mountain(4124m) and over night at Shangli ancient town.
Note In 1869, the French churchman and biologist, Armand David found the Giant Panda in the Dengchi valley of Baoxing county, and made it the first panda sample of the world, and brought it back to Pairs in secret. They hold a show of the panda sample, and stired the biology field all over the world.
13(026/07/2009) Shangli/Pingle/ Chengdu Hotel
Back to Chengdu after visit the Shangli ancient town and the Pingle ancient town. Sichuan Hotpot for dinner.
14(27/07/2009) Chengdu Hotel
In the morning, visit the Chengdu Panda Research Base which is the second biggest Panda Research Base in the world, and now the biggest one after the Wolong Base damaged in the earthquake. And visit Qingyang Taoist Temple. And then enjoy a relax afternoon tea in the People’s Park in the afternoon.
15(28/07/2009) Chengdu/ Exit Hotel
Airport send-off

Pax 2 3-5 6-9 Over 10
Extra for the single room        
The price includes
Mini bus
Plane: Kunming/ Dali
Hotels with 2 or 3 stars or the best local hotels or hostels.
Tour guide
We could arrange the guide according to the client’s language requirement. But for the French or German group, we could guarantee you the French or Germany speaking guide, only if there’re more than 6 people in your group.
All the entrance fees are included.

The price doesn’t include
Other Domestic tickets and international air tickets.

Individual preparation

The price is not available for:
The National Celebration Day (Oct.01-07)
The Horse Racing Festival ( Aug.01-07)

A: NAVO has organized this itinerary from Kunming to Chengdu since 1993.
B: Because Mt. Siguniang is very crowded , NAVO has not arranged this itinerary. However, if guests want to visit there, please tell us previously.
C: If the guests request, NAVO can organize some time for the guests to go to the Sichuan Wenchuan Earchquake Disaster Area, where guests may have a look about what the earthquake damage are like, and the guests may have a chance to help the sufferes of the earthquake,especially the old, the children and the handicaped. See the photos of our guests helping the sufferes in disaster area in 2009, please check the below link http://www.navo-tour.com/en/album/charity/
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